Fortnite Chapter 3 just added lots of chests to one specific location

Chests in FortniteEpic Games

Landing in Fortnite is always a mad scramble to find a weapon, and dropping near a chest is the best way to do that. Luckily, in Chapter 3, Epic has placed lots of chests in one small location that could become your squad’s new landing spot.

It’s important to start each game of Fortnite off on the right foot, and that’s no different in Chapter 3. Landing in the right place and looting up gets you off on the right foot and makes bagging a Victory Royale all the more likely.

The best tactic is always to make sure you’re landing where chests spawn. This could be one of the many names locations scatted around the flipped map, but there are some lesser-known spots that have plenty of chests to open.

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In Fortnite Chapter 3, Epic have crammed one tiny location with plenty of chests to start your match off right. Here’s where you can find it.

Fortnite loves to populate the map with landing spots for players to discover, mainly to spread them out in each match as much as possible. But some of them can offer up as much loot as landing at The Daily Bugle.

One such location, first posted by Reddit user Ecquatic, can be found just south of the returning Greasy Grove. If you catch in the right game, three chests spawn here in the middle of the trees in front of a sofa.

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Dropping here, especially on Solos or Duos, is the ideal way to arm yourself away from the chaos. Once you’re all looted up, you can head into Greasy Grove itself and pick off anyone who is left.

The spot isn’t named on the Fortnite map, but you can use the picture below to find it.

Fortnite map with landing spot
You can find the sofa spot south of Greasy Grove, on the bottom left of the map

You can find these types of spots in every Fortnite season. In the past, large trees with chests scattered around them have been popular landing sites.

It’s worth noting that there’s no guarantee that all of the chests at this spot will spawn in every game. They are subject to the same randomness as every other chest found across the map.

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But if you happen to drop here and there are no chests or weapons to pick up, there are some smaller buildings over to the left and on top of the small cliff. There may be some loot in here to save your skins.

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