Fortnite Cattus monster finally returns to map ahead of Doggus showdown - Dexerto

Fortnite Cattus monster finally returns to map ahead of Doggus showdown

Published: 15/Jul/2019 11:51 Updated: 16/Jul/2019 8:36

by Connor Bennett


Eagle-eyed Fortnite fans have noticed that the Cattus monster has reared its head once again ahead of the conclusion of season 9.

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The countdown to the highly-anticipated Cattus event is, quite literally – thanks to an in-game countdown – underway as fans prepare for another spectacular season-ending event from Epic Games.

Speculation has been running rampant about the event since May, when some Fortnite content creators conjured up a theory about a potential crossover event with Godzilla. However, it has since been revealed that the Cattus monster, not the movie franchise, is the ending point of season 9 – and it is drawing to a conclusion at a rapid pace.


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Epic GamesThe countdown to the Cattus Monster’s arrival is well underway.

First confirmed Cattus sighting since June 10

In a post to the FortniteBR subreddit, user Masturbane noted that the monster, with the Polar Peak tower on its back, can be spotted cruising around just off the coast of the Desert biome. 

The sighting marks the first documented appearance of the Cattus monster since June 10, when it was also seen swimming around the ocean but further away from the battle royale island. The current sighting also lasted a few moments longer. 

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Fortnite fans react to Cattus sighting

Of course, witnessing the monster in the sea make its return prompted other Redditors to reveal that it isn’t a one-off. Worrywirt added: “I saw him earlier today near Snobby (Shores)! He’s getting very close.”


However, another user, XIST-R-2-S, warned off the monster from doing any sort of damage to the desert area. “Get away from my desert biome,” they posted with an angry-faced emoji attached. 

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A close-up look at Fortnite’s Cattus monster

Other players have since gone on the hunt for a look at Cattus and spotted the monster moving around the Fortnite map at some speed. 

Reddit user TimSad got a close-up look at the monster, who had re-appeared on the north-west side of the map, thanks to the in-game free camera. However, despite the Redditor trying to get really close, Cattus dived back underwater and escaped like a Submarine. 


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It’s still unknown what the end of season event is going to bring, but fans are expecting some sort of battle between the Cattus monster and Doggus robot

The giant robot, which is being constructed at Pressure Plant, recently received a pair of ‘wings’ and is slated to keep on being built until a final piece – the head – is found. 

Whatever happens, the event is scheduled to kick off on Saturday, July 20 at 3pm EST/12pm PST/8pm BST, so make sure you’re in a game and ready to witness the end. 

Until then, make sure to keep an eye out for that floating Polar Peak tower roaming around the ocean.


This post was last updated on Tuesday, July 16 at 04:36 am EST.