Fortnite caster quits FNCS after backlash for ‘supporting Confederacy’

IG: PrimrozeTV/Epic Games

Twitch streamer and prospective Fortnite caster ‘Primroze’ has confirmed she will back out of casting upcoming FNCS competitions, after a clip of her explaining her support for the “views of the Confederacy” garnered considerable backlash.

On April 30, Primroze announced that she was extremely excited to be casting the upcoming FNCS tournaments for Epic Games. Despite not being a household name in the streaming community, the 21-year-old was chosen by Epic to commentate over the FNCS Solos tournaments, that begin in May.

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Shortly after the announcement, Fortnite pro player Jonathan ‘yung calculator’ Weber posted a clip from Primroze’s stream that shows her vocalizing support for the Confederacy. “I support views of the Confederacy,” she said. “But I do not, in any way, support the racism and slavery that it shows. That’s what I do not support.”

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Primroze was subsequently criticized for stating that she “supports” views of the Confederacy.

One Twitter user wrote that: “Basically she said ‘I support racism and slavery but am not a racist'”. Another argued “She supports the views of the Confederacy which are racist but she is not racist. Interesting”.

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On May 1, the California-based streamer announced that she would no longer be casting the event.

In a TwitLonger, she stated: “I am sorry to those of you that I hurt by comments stated 8 months ago… when I said I supported specific views the views I was directly referring to were of a smaller national government, more power to the citizens, and lower taxes. I in no way support racism or slavery and I apologize if it came off that way.”

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She explained that the comments were made immediately after an appearance on the “politically oriented” Rajj Patel show, and that she was advised to say certain things to “get the maximum desired shock factor”.

Primroze’s statement, in full.

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Primroze explained that she has withdrawn because she believes that her appearance would detract from the Fortnite being played, something she said she wished to avoid.

She concluded her statement by reaffirming her desire to one day cast Fortnite, as well as confirming she will take a short break from streaming.

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The FNCS Solos Qualifiers begin on May 2.

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