Fortnite Capsule Corp Capsules: How to get Kamehameha & Nimbus Cloud Mythics

A Fortnite player using the Kamehameha Mythic weaponEpic Games

The Kamehameha and Nimbus Clouds from Dragon Ball have been added as Mythic weapons in Fortnite, so here’s how to get them from Capsule Corp Capsules.

One of the biggest anime crossovers of all time has begun in Fortnite, with Dragon Ball characters including Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and Bulma getting skins and themed POIs appearing across the map.

That’s not all, though, as there are also two new Mythics based on the iconic Kamehameha energy beam and the Nimbus Cloud from the manga and anime series, which will no doubt be popular additions.

If you’re wondering how to get a Kamehameha or Nimbus Cloud in Fortnite, we’ve got all the information you need below, including details on where to find Capsule Corp Capsules.

The Kamehameha blast Mythic in FortniteEpic Games

Where to find Capsule Corp Capsules in Fortnite

Capsule Corp Capsules will fall from the sky throughout every Fortnite match. You can track them by opening the map and looking for capsules, but you’ll have to wait for them to land before opening them.

More Capsule Corp Capsules will appear as the Storm closes in, just like with Supply Drops, so keep an eye out for them – they’re going to be popular!

A Capsule Corp Capsule in FortniteEpic Games

How to get a Kamehameha & Nimbus Cloud in Fortnite

The main way to get a Kamehameha or Nimbus Cloud in Fortnite is to find a Capsule Corp Capsule dropped from the sky. Open one of these and you should get both of the new Mythic weapons.

Another way to get a Kamehameha or a Nimbus Cloud in Fortnite is to purchase one from Bulma at Kame House or purchase one from a Dragon Ball Vending Machine. They each cost 250 Gold Bars.

Of course, you could also get a Kamehameha or Nimbus Cloud by eliminating an opponent who has one in their loadout. If you spot an enemy with one, take them out and then pick up the items they drop.

A Dragon Ball Nimbus Cloud from a Capsule Corp Capsule in FortniteEpic Games

How to use the Kamehameha energy beam in Fortnite

Once you’ve got a Kamehameha in your loadout, you need to equip it and charge it up by holding down the fire button. Make sure your aim is right, then unleash the powerful energy beam on your opponents.

The Kamehameha deals 100 damage to players upon impact and will then deal a smaller amount of damage for the next three seconds. There’s a 15-second cooldown period between each energy blast.

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