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Bugha, Bizzle and Dubs get revenge on Tfue as Fortnite rivalry continues

Published: 12/Aug/2019 8:34 Updated: 14/Apr/2020 18:09

by Connor Bennett


Fortnite stars Bugha, Bizzle, and Dubs finally got their revenge on Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney after he embarrassed them with an insane 1v3 during a pro player practice.

Back on August 10, Tfue wowed his fans – and anyone else who saw the clip – when he took down the Fortnite World Cup solos winner Bugha, Ghost Gaming’s Bizzle, and FaZe Dubs despite being separated from his teammates.

He even took time to celebrate his jaw-dropping play by hitting the all-star trio with a tirade, labeling them as “f*cking trash,” while also ordering the team to “suck my f*cking d*ck b*tch!” Yet, it didn’t take long for the trio to get revenge on Tfue – in fact, it took them less than a day.


Epic GamesBugha’s Fortnite World Cup success hasn’t stopped him for diving back into competitive matches.

During their August 11 streams, a number of Fortnite pro players were partaking in Trios scrims – essentially a high-level practice session that simulates an actual competitive match instead of a public lobby.

While every team has pretty set landing spots, they can get caught out while rotating to new spots. That happened to Tfue at Salty Springs, allowing Bugha, Bizzle, and Dubs to dive all over him. “Hey, later Turner Tenney,” called out Bugha after shotgunning the Twitch star out of the game.

However, one of Bugha’s teammates did find some time to revel in the moment. “Dude, tweet about us. I want to tweet about him,” said Bizzle. “I want to tweet at him, I want to go get him.”


Of course, Tfue wasn’t particularly pleased about being jumped on by three enemy players while he was left by himself and was rotating towards his teammates.

“Oh, I’m dead – there’s a team above me I guess,” he stated before being knocked down. “Nice! Oh, it’s crazy, you know who it was? It was Bizzle and his boys.”

With Fortnite Trio scrims beginning to become more commonplace in the competitive scene, the brewing rivalry between Tfue and Bugha, Bizzle, and Dubs might only continue to grow as time goes on.