Ridiculous Fortnite Boom Bow tactic might actually be the new meta - Dexerto

Ridiculous Fortnite Boom Bow tactic might actually be the new meta

Published: 8/Apr/2019 9:17 Updated: 8/Apr/2019 9:28

by Connor Bennett


One Fortnite player may have just come up with an ingenious way to change the game’s current meta – and no, it doesn’t include the use of The Baller vehicle.

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What is the Fortnite meta?

The Fortnite meta, or the most effective tactics available to a player, changes from season-to-season depending on a multitude of factors – be it new in-game weapons and items, or changes to the game’s building mechanics.

Yet, one fan may have found the best way to secure victory royales in Season 8 by combining the need to take the high ground advantage over opponents and one of the newest weapons – the Boom Bow.


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Epic GamesThe Boom Bow is a difficult weapon to master but it pays off pretty well.

What is this new strategy?

In a video posted to the Fortnite Competitive subreddit, user imcharliedw, showed off their idea in one of the game’s compact and moving final circles – inflating the maximum three balloons and hurtling themselves skywards.

Once up in the clouds, the player had a full lay of the land below, even if enemies were doing their best to build structures. With a wide view of everything, the player quickly begun raining down shots with their Boom Bow – eliminating a ton of enemies on their way to securing a Victory Royale.

Throughout, imcharliedw maintained the high ground advantage, even as enemy players rifted to try and land above them. That, however, didn’t work and only gave the player an even clearer view of the final circle.


Was trolling because I was shambles but actually found the new meta from r/FortniteCompetitive

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Are balloons actually useful in Fortnite?

Players using balloons to give themselves a height advantage over others isn’t a new thing – it’s an idea that’s been used since the item was introduced into the game back in the v6.21 patch of 2018.

Yet, combining it with the highly explosive Boom Bow might just be a game changer in the moving and tight circles towards the end of matches. However, while the video may show that players can look like Robin Hood or Deadeye, you’ll have to be wary of enemies doing their best to pop the balloons.

Falling to your elimination from a great height, especially at such a late stage, always seems to leave a sour taste.