Fortnite Battle Royale Players Are Discovering Mysterious Secret Control Rooms Around the Map

It looks like a number of mysterious control rooms have been added to the Fortnite Battle Royale map as part of the V4.0 update, with some players speculating that they will be used for a future challenge.

The V4.0 patch for Fortnite Battle Royale dropped on May 1st and introduced a number of changes, including the all-new location in place of Dusty Depot which was destroyed by a meteor.

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As is often the case, a number of unannounced changes have also been included in the update and the Fortnite community has been quick to discover them.

Included in these discoveries have been multiple new control rooms, or bunkers, in various locations across the map which have have absolutely no explanation behind them.

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Reddit user __Kaneda__ was one of the first people to share a video of a command room, located under the blue house in Salty Springs on this occasion.

Another Reddit user, TopiKoodaa, found one on the far East of the map, South of Lonely Lodge, in yet another basement opening up onto the edge of a cliff.

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Some members of the community have suggested that this is yet more evidence of an upcoming superhero theme with the bunkers representing the hidden lairs of various heroes of villains.

Others believe that they might simply be used for a challenge where players have to visit a certain number of the bunkers during one match or over the course of the season.

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We will keep you updated when more information about the strange new rooms is available.