Fortnite Battle Royale Challenges for the First Week of Season 4

The first week of challenges for Season 4 of the Battle Pass in Fortnite Battle Royale have been released and players are already starting their journey towards Tier 100.

While Fortnite Battle Royale is completely free to play for anyone that wants to play it, a “Battle Pass” can be purchased for 950 V-Bucks which allows players to earn new items, skins, and other cosmetics as they play.

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This process can be sped up significantly by completing various challenges that get released on a weekly basis throughout the duration of the season.

May 1st marked the start of a brand new season, Season 4, and which it came 100 new Tiers to level up along with a whole host of new outfits, items, and more.

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Much like previous seasons, the first week of challenges in Season 4 feature seven tasks which range in difficulty with easier ones earning you 500XP and the harder ones bagging you 1,000XP.

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The three “HARD” challenges for this week include following a treasure map found in Tomato Town, picking up three eliminations with pistols, and eliminating a total of three opponents in Flush Factory.

There is also a challenge to deal 500 total damage to opponents with Sniper Rifles so bear that in mind when you’re finishing off downed players.

The full list of challenges can be found below.

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  • Deal damage with Sniper Rifles to opponents (500)
  • Search Chests in Haunted Hills (7)
  • Use a Port-a-Fort (1)
  • Search F-O-R-T-N-I-T-E Letters (8)
  • Follow the treasure map found in Tomato Town (1) [HARD]
  • Pistol Eliminations (3) [HARD]
  • Eliminate opponents in Flush Factory (3) [HARD]