Fortnite Battle Royale Challenge Guide - Follow the treasure map found in Greasy Grove

by Ross Deason


Another week means another set of Fortnite Battle Royale challenges are available for players of the immensely popular game to complete and earn experience points from.

Each week of Season Four, a list of new challenges go live for Battle Pass owners to try and complete. On May 31st the challenges for Week 5 finally went live with seven new challenges.


One challenge that should be possible for players of all levels to complete is to search for a battle pass star (or treasure) by following the map found in Greasy Grove.


If you’re in a hurry you don’t actually need to go to Greasy Grove because the treasure map actually shows that the treasure is located to the North West of Snobby Shores on the side of a mountain

All you need to do it visit the location shown on the map below and interact with the star in order to complete the challenge.


It is important to remember that you cannot simply collect the loot and leave the game, you have to actually participate and get eliminated or win the match before the challenge is applied.

If you’re still struggling, ImMarksman on YouTube has uploaded a short video tutorial which can be found below.