Fortnite’s Battle Bus is leaving players behind thanks to new glitch

Brad Norton
Epic Games

Fortnite’s Battle Bus is becoming the source of much frustration due to a ridiculous new glitch that is leaving players stranded on the spawn island.

The Battle Bus in Fortnite has always been an iconic aspect of Epic’s popular battle royale as all 100 players in each and every lobby are generously flown over the map.

Unfortunately, the mode of transport at the start of each game has been agitating a number of players lately as the bus driver appears to have forgotten about stragglers and left them behind in the starting area.

Epic Games
Fortnite’s Battle Bus has been an iconic feature since the battle royale mode was released.

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Spawning into a round of Team Rumble on March 11, Reddit user ‘LayzaSkully’ was blindsided as the Battle Bus left them stranded alone on the spawn island.

The PlayStation player was immediately hit by the storm as their health started to dwindle away. With seemingly no way off the island, this life was essentially over before it really began.

Checking the map for any sign of hope, they were left completely alone while the battle raged on throughout the playable section of the map.

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While the video cut out relatively early, there’s no way of telling if the player would have respawned over the map and sailed down towards safety, or if they would have just found themselves in an endless deathtrap on the spawn island.

Better get swimming!” ‘hotsaucenamejoked in response to the clip. However, given just how widespread the storm already was, even if players could swim to the mainland, this unlucky spawn still would have resulted in a death nonetheless.

There’s no indicating exactly how the issue came to be, though the player seemingly loaded in at the very second in which the match started. 

Rather than loading in time for the pre-game shenanigans on spawn island, they were dropped into the area right as everyone else left.

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Seemingly only impacting Team Rumble for the time being, players should still be cautious about stumbling upon a similar glitch in the traditional battle royale playlists, considering they all involved the Battle Bus.

Epic is yet to respond to this particular issue, however, another problem has been causing frustration for Team Rumble regulars as players have been spawning into games mid-way through, leaving many to lose without loot, or quit.