Fortnite $250k DreamHack August Open: final placements and results

Fortnite DreamHack Open promotional graphicDreamHack / Epic Games

The second DreamHack Open Fortnite event is in the books as the best players across North America and Europe competed online for a share in the $250,000 prize pool.

Following on from the July iteration of DreamHack’s Open Fortnite event, the competition returned for the August tournament. Spanning August 21-23, hundreds of players fought for a spot in the final lobby.

While many newcomers made their presence felt throughout the event, a handful of popular names also held their ground. From Bugha to Aspect and plenty more, veterans were in direct competition with up and coming talent.

As a solo tournament, players first earned a spot in the qualifier by earning points in 10 opening games. From there, 500 challengers soon became 100 as the final round of competition kicked off. Here’s a full rundown of how the DreamHack August Open played out across North America and Europe.

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European DreamHack Open final standings

In the European leg of the competition, the top five players all fell within 50 points of one another. Each lobby was extremely tight as everyone looked to push through to the latter stages of the map.

If you were among the first 50 eliminated, no points were awarded whatsoever. The truly rewarding bonuses came for competitors that were able to crack into the top six. After a solid performance in the latest Fortnite Champion Series, it was ultimately K1nzell that came out on top.

Cruising to an early lead, the popular Slovenian player was able to close out his first solo victory ever. 293 points saw him take a 32 point edge over the second best competitor on the day. Here’s how the top 10 came together.

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Place Player Points
1st K1nzell 293
2nd RLluka 261
3rd Wave JannisZ 255
4th SF Jaspaay 251
5th MCES Andilex 250
6th MCES xsqueezierr 247
7th blankee.BDS 225
8th LenaSituation 224
9th Flames Deqzyy 219
10th ElfredFN 212

NA East DreamHack Open final standings

While the Western side of competition took place at the start of the month with 4DRStorm taking out the win, the Eastern tournament only just took place on August 21. Many of the region’s biggest names took to the final 100-player lobby but only one walked away with the biggest split of the prize pool.

$10,000 went to Coop as he won the event by a narrow margin of just two points over TSM’s Commandment. Sentinels players finished side by side as Aspect and Budgha placed third and fourth respectively. Below is a full look at the top 10 placements from the NA East portion of the event.

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Place Player Points
1st Coop 280
2nd Commandment 278
3rd Aspect 265
4th Bugha 249
5th Crumble 245
6th Leekura 244
7th daxor 238
8th Skqttles 235
9th Assault 229
10th Deyy 207

With the end of the August Open, players won’t have to wait long for the next iteration. DreamHack’s September event will soon be kicking off across all of the expected regions.

The next tournament will be far different to what players are currently used to, however. As Fortnite Season 4 will shake up the game from August 27 onwards.