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Fortnite Battle Royale • Mar 13, 2019

Former TSM Fortnite pro Cowboy releases response to allegations

Former TSM Fortnite pro Cowboy releases response to allegations

Former TSM Fortnite pro Cowboy has shared his official response to accusations of inappropriate messages to an underage female.


Last week TSM dropped Cowboy from the roster after accusations by an underage streamer surfaced. Cowboy has released an official response to these accusations.

These accusations were brought to light by Twitch streamer Faith, who had obtained the messages Cowboy allegedly had sent to the 16-year-old streamer.

“Imagine messaging a 16-year-old girl when you’re married,” Faith said of the debacle. “Imagine you’re on TSM and you message an underage girl saying, ‘Looking good.’”


Cowboy had a short response to those accusations on his Twitch channel but he has remained out of the public eye since.

“Please don’t believe everything you read on the internet,” he wrote. “I am not married and have hired a lawyer to clear my name. I am not allowed to talk about anything, but I am not a pedophile.”


On March 13, Cowboy released an official statement on Twitter proclaiming his innocence and calling all of the accusations against him false.

"There are many words I'd like to share with you guys at this moment but, given that I'm in the process of trying to get to these false accusations and clear my name, this is what I can share: The suggestion that I would hit on underage girls on Twitter is ridiculous and totally false," he wrote.


He goes on to say the fire for competitive Fortnite is still alive for him and he still wants everyone in the community to still succeed.

You can read his full statement below.


Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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