FNCS All-Star Showdown winners: Full results & final placements

fortnite fncs all star showdown winnersEpic Games

The highly anticipated solo portion of Fortnite’s FNCS All-Star Showdown has featured some high-octane action, and winners worldwide have been crowned and awarded their share of the massive $3m total prize pool. 

While the regular part of the FNCS is on the back burner until after the Summer break for Epic Games employees, they decided to hold a one-of-a-kind mid-season Fortnite event for players worldwide.

The FNCS All-Star Showdown featured the most consistent players from each over the last few FNCS’s, and they duked it out in a series of mini-games and was ultimately capped off with a solo event with a staggering prize pool.

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This is the first major solo event in quite some time, and there were some notable winners and top placers in each region!

blueprint battleEpic Games
The All-Star Showdown featured some fun games such as the Blueprint Battle

All-Star Showdown results

There was an ample amount of anticipation leading up to this solo event among fans, as this was the first time since 2020 where we got to witness a major solo event. Largely due to the fact that all FNCS events for 2021 and the foreseeable future are going to be trios.

Now, with the event wrapping up around the world, we are going to run over the top 10 final placements in each region, along with the prize money they earned during this event.

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For the most part, the competition was close but Volx was able to catch an early victory royale, and quickly established himself atop the leaderboard and three consecutive top-five finishes solidified his spot atop the Oceanic standings.

1st Volx $20,000
2nd fury nosh $12,000
3rd Lord of Stealthy $11,000
4th JFT scamguine $9,000
5th TNA looter $7,500
6th TNA Muz $6,000
7th Tyraxe $5,500
8th rhyzah $4,500
9th Movrickzrr $3,500
10th Sоrif $1,100


fncs all star showdownEpic Games
FNCS trios should return sometime in mid-July after Epic returns from their Summer break

Asia was the second region to cap off its competition, and it featured the same prize pool as Oceanic. However, unlike Oceanic, the competition went all the way down to the wire, with the first and second place finishers only being separated by eight points.

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1st Runa King 7 $20,000
2nd alice 74 $12,000
3rd ce seakhram. $11,000
4th GW_dokn $9,000
5th Misty Aim $7,500
6th OWM Stork 1 $6,000
7th ALBA Monster $5,500
8th ぼっととReet $4,500
9th しゅんしゃんだ $3,500
10th overStun. $1,100


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Regarded as the best region in the world, there was incredible action to witness over in Europe, and Tayson came out on top with a magnificent performance in the last match.

1st GUILD TaySon 7 $150,000
2nd solo veno $120,000
3rd Homyno airknn $100,000
4th AOS nebs $80,000
5th Heretics K1nzеll $70,000
6th rezonyache32 $60,000
7th TRC trippernn $50,000
8th LootBoy Fastroki $40,000
9th GAMMA Th0masHD $30,000
10th King Michаel $25,000

Middle East

The Middle East concluded their portion of the solo event, with a close finish once again, which seems to be the theme worldwide during this solo competition.

1st Falcon xSpeedy $20,000
2nd SAQR 7manツ $12,000
3rd KINGS AbuFal7 $11,000
4th Hawk Mansour $9,000
5th SCYTES Balor $7,500
6th KINGS Metabero $6,000
7th Falcon Yonx $5,500
8th SAQR Njﱞby $4,500
9th Deattr0 $3,500
10th Falcon Spy1422 $2,500

North America East

A region filled with top-notch talent, North America East did not disappoint us yet again. The top ten finishers were filled with house hold names in competitive Fortnite, and similarly to other regions during the day, the standings were ultimately decided in the final game.

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1st PaMstou $75,000
2nd FS casqer $50,000
3rd BBG Khanada1x $45,000
4th LG Slackes $35,000
6th FаZe Dubs ϟ $27,000
7th BBG Bucke $22,000
8th Peterbot . $18,000
9th XSET Ceice $14,000
10th TSM FTX Comadon $11,000


With the top of the leaderboard separated by only two points, Brazi has quietly become one of the world’s best regions for competitive Fortnite.


1st LEISER xeat0n $35,000
2nd fishў11 $25,000
3rd SRN Phzin Ӝ $22,500
4th NEW Insaиo.com $17,500
5th Its Filipе $15,000
6th TCE spıtflow $13,500
7th fazer ay ӝ $11,000
8th faze kіng $9,000
9th LOUD Frosтy $7,000
10th LuLuzito ӝ $5,500

North America West

The last region to host their event, this was one of the few times where Rhex, EpikWhale, or Arkham were not at the top of the leaderboard. Instead, it was former Team Liquid player, Riversan who had a bounce-back event to get his name solidified as the solo champion.

1st Bloom Riversаn $35,000
2nd Frapai $25,000
3rd XTRA Reet1x. $22,500
4th NRG EpikWhale4x $17,500
5th CLG TAY-K $15,000
6th dylannx. $13,500
Pure BatmanBugha
8th norcal alithy23 $9,000
9th mаken $7,000
10th tinachіcken $5,500


That wraps up the action for the Fortnite FNCS All-Star Showdown solo competition, we will have to wait and see when the next round of FNCS occurs sometime next month!

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