Fix for Turbo Building Issue in Fortnite is Coming via Update v4.2

by Albert Petrosyan


The immense popularity that Fortnite: Battle Royale has received in recent months has led it to become one of the most popular video games in recent history.

A major reason for the game’s immense popularity is the effort and dedication from developer Epic Games to consistently improve, adjust, and add to the game to keep the experience fresh and fun. 


However, despite this high level of popularity, the game’s vast player-base has been recently disgruntled due to the high level of bugs and glitches that currently exist in the game. 

While Epic have shown considerable effort in addressing these issues, it seems that as soon as one set of glitches get fixed, another batch pops up in their place.


One of these major issues is with turbo building in the Builder Pro controller layout. Turbo building is an option which gives players the ability to continuously build structures without having to let go of the build button.

The issue with turbo building was initially reported by Reddit user 'fwinnit.'

Builder pro is broken after the patch, pre patch was fine. There is huge delay when placing pieces and sometimes doesn't place the piece at all, it just shows the piece and ghosts. Many of us switched to builder pro because we we wanted faster, smoother build battles and building in general, and before the patch we had this, now we are at a huge disadvantage in these fights. It's as if turbo building is not working properly with builder pro. Walls seem to be the worst affected by this, it's so inconsistant whether it places them or not. Builder pro was the best thing they added to the game, but unless EPIC let's us know they're even aware of the issue then we will have to go back to combat pro because the disadvantagee is too much. Can we get a response from EPIC, just so we know they're aware of the issue.

Furthermore, Epic Games representative 'darkveil' discovered an additional issue after investigating the bug.

Okay, so I'm able to reproduce an additional issue where, when quickly switching between different pieces in Builder Pro, Turbo Building will not place the piece until you release and re-press the button. It happens most often with the LT/RT triggers, but will also reproduce with the bumper buttons if you switch very quickly. I'm really sorry that we didn't notice this issue.


According to the Fortnite Trello Community Board, a fix for this issue is set to be implemented via the v4.2 update that will go live on May 15th at 1 AM PDT.

Until the fix goes live, players can 'press RT before releasing LT to build walls' as a temporary workaround for the issue.