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Fortnite Battle Royale • Mar 18, 2019

Five vaulted Fortnite Battle Royale weapons or items that we want to see back in the game

Five vaulted Fortnite Battle Royale weapons or items that we want to see back in the game

The Fortnite Battle Royale vault is currently home to a number of weapons and items, but we’d love to see some of them make a return to the game.


Epic Games are constantly updating the game, adding new content, weapons and items. However, they also regularly remove other items that they don’t believe fit with the current meta. This process is called ‘vaulting’.

A weapon or item being added to the vault is not a death sentence - they could make a return at any time, but which are the most sorely missed?


We’ve put together a list of five items that we would love to see make a return to the core game in the near future:

1 - Bouncer

First and foremost, we think everyone will agree that the decision to vault the bouncer and the start of Season 6 was one of the most surprising so far.

Bouncers were great for a number os uses, ranging from the simple ability to gain high ground all the way to changing them together for a FaZe-esque trickshot!

More than anything, Bouncers were fun to use. Make Bouncers great again!


2 - Heavy Shotgun

We want the Heavy Shotgun to make a return to the battlefield! The item, which was available in legendary and epic rarity, was removed from the loot pool back in patch 7.30 after the pump shotgun damage was adjusted.

While the decision to vault them made sense due to the strength of the pump, the heavy variant should make a return in place of the tactical shotgun. The tac feels vastly underpowered in the current meta and the old heavy shotgun would be far more viable. Bringing the weapon back but lowering the rarity to common and uncommon would make plenty of sense. 

3 - Drum Gun

Bear with us on this one…

We think the Drum Gun was as much of a victim of the switch to a ‘run and gun’ or ‘spray and pray’ meta as any of the players that fell foul of how powerful it was in that meta.

The Drum Gun was one of the most exciting additions to the game when it was first introduced thanks to its old school Thompson submachine gun appearance, but it arguably became the most overpowered weapon in the game when the shotguns were nerfed and the meta changed.

The decision to vault it in the v5.40 update was one that we agreed with, but we still love the idea of the Drum Gun and believe that it could still have a place in the game if it received some nerfs.

4 - Legendary and Epic Burst Rifle

The Legendary and Epic variant of the Burst Rifle, a.k.a the Famas, met the same fate as the regular variants of the Burst, but surely it didn't need to.

It's true that the burst rifles were not most people's favorites, but the high damage output of the trusty legendary variant made sure it was always a good choice.

It was vaulted back in 7.3, so surely it's time we get another go of it?

5 - Bolt Action Sniper

A fan favorite, players were devastated when Epic Games announced that the Bolt Action Sniper, which had been a staple of the game since its release in 2017, was removed from the game back in January 2019.

While the game still has a number of other sniper rifles that can be used to take down enemies from distance, but nothing compares to the weapon we were all used to, and it would be easy to add the weapon back in without changing the meta of the game significantly. 

Updated: 04/19/19 at 11:30 AM EST.