First official teaser for Fortnite Season 8 hints at Pirate theme

Calum Patterson

Epic Games have officially dropped the first trailer for Fortnite Season 8 – and fans believe there is a pirate theme coming.

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Before this teaser, there were almost no clues about what Season 8 would entail, with the exception of an earthquake looming on the map.

On February 24, the first teaser was posted to Fortnite’s official Twitter, with a rather obscure image – but the text in the tweet is the bigger clue.

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‘X’ Marks the spot, and the hints at hidden treasure have Fortnite fans excited, as big map changes are also expected for Season 8.

The earthquake will undoubtedly cause some big disruptions, and a new aquatic area has been speculated – with the recent Deep Sea Cosmetic set.

There were also hints at a ‘Cracken’ in leaks, which was believed to be the name of the next in-game event. A ‘Kraken’ (with a K), is also a mythical sea monster – known for devouring sailors and pirate ships.

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The hype is already starting to build for Season 8 – and you can get a free battle pass for the new season by completing the Overtime Challenges.

More teasers are expected to drop each day in the lead up to Season 8, so we will have to wait for more details – and more cryptic images.