First official Fortnite Season 10 teaser hints at return of Dusty Depot

Epic Games

After weeks of speculation, Epic Games have finally released for the first teaser for Fortnite Season 10 during the solo World Cup final.

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Season 9 is rapidly drawing to a close after a massive battle took place on the map between the Cattus monster and the Doggus robot. Ultimately, the monster was slain after the intense showdown which left a giant orb at Loot Lake – something which could directly affect the new season.

Before the start of each season, Epic Games release teaser images, giving fans a glimpse of what to expect when it finally releases. The first picture for Season 10 was released during the Fortnite World Cup solo finals.

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LOOTLAKE.INFOFortnite Season 9 featured a futuristic theme.
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Epic Games release first Season 10 teaser

The first teaser shows players a completely rebuilt Dusty Depot, which brings us back to where we started.

Dusty Depot has seen numerous changes over the seasons after being hit by a meteor, but it will be recovered in Season 10.

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Fortnite Season 10 – what we know so far

Fortnite Season 10 is expected to release on August 1 after the current season was extended due to the World Cup. While players were competing in New York, fans were given the first hint as to what the new season could consist of.

A leak on the PlayStation store showed the Fortnite Battle Bus with a large ‘X’ symbol in the background. With the number 10 in Roman numerals written with the letter ‘X’, it was speculated that it may correlate directly with the next season.

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via ShiinaBR Leaks TwitterThe leak was revealed by the PS store.
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Will Season 10 have a battle pass? 

As always, the battle pass for the upcoming season will be available on it’s release and will cost 950 V-Bucks, allowing players to earn cosmetic items, V-Bucks and emotes by leveling up. 

On the other hand, you can purchase the Battle Bundle at an extra cost to receive 25 tiers to get ahead of your competition.