First look at Fortnite’s new Prop Hunt mode revealed at E3

Albert Petrosyan
Vikkstar123 - YouTube

A brand new Prop Hunt mode is coming soon to Fortnite Battle Royale, and players have now gotten their first clean look at it thanks to the E3 gaming convention.

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Prop Hunt has been featured in a variety of popular shooter games, most notably in numerous installments of the Call of Duty series.

A light and arcade-style mode, it splits the players into two teams – one side posing as ordinary objects and hiding on the map, and the other team trying to find these camouflaging players to eliminate them.

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Following leaks that the mode was coming soon to Fortnite, many of the top content creators in attendance at E3 were given a chance to try it out ahead of its release.

One YouTuber who play-tested it was Vikkstar123, giving his audience a clear cut look at the format and gameplay of Prop Hunt in the popular battle royale. 

Epic Games
The current rules of Prop Hunt in Fortnite.
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How Prop Hunt works in Fortnite

At the beginning of the match, text appeared on-screen explaining the rules and how it works, calling it a “hide and seek with a twist.”

In its current state, the mode consists of two round, with the players on each team switching roles between rounds. The Prop team uses a device known as the ‘Prop-o-matic to disguise themselves as a common object.

When taking the form of a prop, players must try and covertly maneuver around to collect coins, each of which is worth one point. However, props make a sound every 15 seconds, alerting enemy players that something around them isn’t what it appears to be.

Speaking of the enemy team, known as the Hunters, they must use their “wits and weapons” to try and figure out which objects are actually players in hiding and take them down, earning two points for every elimination.

After the two rounds, the team with the more points wins. 

Popular streamer DrLupo also gave fans a sneak peek of the Prop Hunt mode by tweeting out a clip of him playing a match, in which he was posing as a flamingo and attempting to evade enemy Hunters. 

When will Prop Hunt be released in Fortnite?

Unfortunately, Epic Games have not yet announced a projected release date for Prop Hunt in Fortnite.

However, considering that so many details about the mode have already been made public, including live gameplay of it from E3, it’s likely to be released sooner rather than later.