First Footage of the Fortnite Suppressed Assault Rifle

The most significant addition to Fortnite in the v5.40 update was the long awaited suppressed AR, and the first footage of the new gun in action is now available.

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Fans of Fortnite have been hopeful to see a suppressed assault rifle in the battle royale mode for some time, with all AR’s so far being loud and attracting plenty of attention.

The new weapon takes the traditional Rare and Legendary ‘Scar’ assault rifle and adds a suppressor, but it’s performance is slightly different than the unsuppressed variant.

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The official description of the weapon states that it “rewards precision over rapid-fire” and this certainly seems to be the case.

With such powerful shots, the weapon deals a lot of damage, but it’s recoil can become unmanageable if you simply hold and spray it.

YouTuber MonsterDFace gave his first thoughts on the new gun.

This video, courtesy of u/Karsteski, shows a side by side comparison of the new weapon vs it’s unsuppressed equivalent, to give you a feel of what you might prefer.

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According to some reports, the mew suppressed AR has better ‘first shot accuracy’ but loses accuracy faster with continued firing.

Here’s another shot of the new weapon, being picked up in Tilted and used to take out some nearby walls.

So, like the description states, firing with precision and steady shots will be best for this new rifle. And of course, up close, you will still want to use an SMG or Shotgun.