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Fortnite Battle Royale • Aug 23, 2018

First Footage of the Fortnite Rift-to-Go In Action - Video and Info

First Footage of the Fortnite Rift-to-Go In Action - Video and Info

The first footage of just how effective the Rift-to-Go item in Fortnite has raised concerns it’s overpowered.

Epic Games dropped update V5.30 on Thursday August 23, and this mega-patch brought about it a whole host of changes.


While most of the news relates to cosmetics and items that have been leaked via data mining, the Rift-to-Go was part of the official release.

Rifts were first introduced at the start of Season 5 and allowed players to parachute back into the game from above their original position. However, you had to be lucky enough to be near a rift portal in one of their fixed locations.


That’s all changed with the introduction of the Rift-to-Go, which allows players an almost instant get away in just a few seconds, no matter where you are.

Twitch streamer Hutch uploaded a video of the Rift-to-Go in action, and showed how quick it was to get away from a fight where an opponent had the high ground.


In his Tweet, he also commented that you were able to carry two of the items at any one time.

Fans of the game are dubious about its inclusion, due to the ability to get away from a difficult situation in just a matter of seconds.

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