FaZe's Cizzorz Hits Insane, No-Scope Trick Shot with Hunting Rifle to Get Victory Royale in Fortnite

by Albert Petrosyan


It appears that some of FaZe Clan's famous trick shooting has blended over from Call of Duty to Fortnite: Battle Royale.

One of their Fortnite content creators, Jack 'Cizzorz,' showcased some of his talent on July 16 with an insane, game-winning kill that involved a no-scope trick shot.


The popular YouTuber was playing Fortnite along with some friends when he found himself in an end-game situation in Tilted Towers with only one other player left alive.

Taking a high ground position, Cizzorz would end up finding his lone opponent hiding in one of the towers, and proceeded to pull off this magnificent trick shot.


The overall setup of the kill was very clever; Cizzorz knew that using a bounce pad to propel himself off of his ledge would ensure that he would not take any fall damage should he miss his snipe.

However, he did not miss. In fact, he ended up not even having to aim as his no-scope shot hit the enemy player square and true, with the new slow motion Victory Royale animation kicking in right at the end.


Perhaps the best part of the whole clip is the group's reaction; after hitting the shot, they almost couldn't do or say anything except yell out in excitement at the incredible shot Cizzorz had just hit.

Who can blame them? In all honesty, it was a reaction worthy of the shot.