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Fortnite Battle Royale • Nov 19, 2018

FaZe Tfue has hilarious slip up while showing appreciation to his fans

FaZe Tfue has hilarious slip up while showing appreciation to his fans

Popular Fortnite player and streamer FaZe Tfue had a hilarious blunder during a live stream on November 17.


Tfue was in the middle of advertising his wish to get one million supporters for Fortnite’s ‘Support a Creator’ initiative when he had a major slip of the tongue.

“...maybe, if I see you in person, I’ll give you a nice kiss, right on the lips - if you’re above the age of fifteen,” Tfue said.


He immediately realized his blunder, quickly shifting gears to clarify the incident as a mistake.

“Er, eighteen - fuck, dude!” he said, much to his chat’s amusement. “What the fuck, why would I say fifteen? Now I look weird! Bro, why did I mess up words there? Aw dude, now I’m a fucking pedophile.”

He went on to firmly explain that the fan must be of legal age - but didn’t seem to care how old they were beyond that point.

“Eighteen! Eighteen!” He continued, pounding his desktop through a laugh. “I don’t care how old it gets. Shit!”

Instagram: FaZe


Fortnite’s ‘Support a Creator’ initiative marks a limited-time event for the popular battle royale title, allowing “accepted” creators to receive $5 for every 10,000 V-Bucks spent who use their code in-game.

The event is set to run from October 8 to December 31, 2018. Tfue’s attempt to set a record for achieving one million supporters in the initiative still has a little over one month left - provided more tongue-twisters don’t get in his way.

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