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FaZe Sway loses Fortnite creator code over account sharing

Published: 20/Jul/2021 17:26 Updated: 20/Jul/2021 17:27

by Daniel Megarry


Fortnite star FaZe Sway has revealed that his Support a Creator Code, which allows players to give him a percentage of their in-game purchases, has been taken away permanently.

Popular Fortnite player and YouTube star FaZe Sway has made a name for himself in the competitive scene as one of the best controller players, but now he’s revealed that his Creator Code has been removed by Epic Games.

With the Support A Creator program, players can elect to support their favorite creators every time they spend V-Bucks in the game. This gives content creators another way of making money alongside the traditional methods like streaming and videos.


In a pair of tweets from July 20, 2021, FaZe Sway told his 1.4 million followers that his Support a Creator Code had been taken away “permanently”, but also said that he “needed this [to happen] as a wakeup call”.

The tweets included a screenshot of an email sent by an Epic Games employee which explained that he was removed “due to violations of the Terms of Service you agreed upon when joining the program”.

While the FaZe Clan member didn’t share the reason why it was removed on Twitter, he later opened up about what happened during a Fortnite stream on Twitch.


Apparently, the removal of his Support a Creator Code occurred because he was account sharing with viewers, and not for comments he’d made on social media as some followers had previously speculated.

Account sharing is against Epic Games’ terms of use, with their website clearly stating: “Account buying, selling, or sharing is not allowed.”

Despite this being a significant source of income for many content creators, FaZe Sway doesn’t seem too bothered about the removal – he even told viewers that he “doesn’t really care” about it while streaming.