Nate Hill and HighDistortion suggest extreme solutions to Fortnite’s RNG issues

Twitter: HighDistortion / Epic Games / YouTube: NateHill

Professional Fortnite players Nate Hill and Jimmy ‘HighDistortion’ Moreno have come up with some extreme solutions to cure one of the game’s most annoying problems – dying early on because you can’t find a weapon.

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Fortnite is a battle royale game, which means that players land on the map with no weapons or materials, and must search for these items in the hope of finding them before an opponent does.

This can lead to some frustrating encounters though, as an opponent could immediately find a much more powerful gun than you, or even grab one before you’ve even discovered a weapon, leaving you exposed and likely heading back to the lobby.

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Twitter: FaZe ClanNate Hill has a big idea to combat Fortnite’s early game woes.
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FaZe Clan’s Hill and TSM’s HighDistortion think they may have a fix to this issue though, with Nate suggesting that the popular Siphon mechanic, which rewards players with health and shields when they find a kill, should return, and players should land with a pistol and 50 wood.

The Fortnite pro wrote on Twitter: “No more bricking three chest spawns and dying to a weirdo who late lands on the one spot you didn’t look.”

The 24-year-old also stated that an invulnerability period, suggested by his followers, could work, and would solve the downside of everyone having pistols and immediately opening fire on defenceless opponents trying to land.

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HighDistortion disagreed, instead putting forward an idea that would see Fortnite take inspiration from Halo, and introduce regenerative shields like the legendary FPS game.

According to a user on Reddit, the TSM star confirmed on stream that shields would only regenerate when the player is not moving or performing any actions, meaning that players couldn’t sit in a box and continuously place walls while accruing more shield points.

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The idea of a pistol being given to every player upon landing seems to go against the entire concept of the battle royale genre, with RNG a staple part of these games, requiring players to loot up to find weapons.

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Unfortunately for the two pro players, it seems unlikely that Epic Games would ever implement these changes into the game, although the developers have been known to listen and use player feedback to adjust the title.