FaZe Mongraal rages after being “triggered” by Fortnite’s unlucky circles

Epic Games / FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan star Kyle ‘Fortnite games with awful zone RNG kept forcing him into uphill battles to get a win.

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One of the ways Epic Games’ battle royale tests players are by the randomized circles indicating where the storm will be encroaching next.

It’s a crucial element of the game, since strategies can completely be turned on their heads if a player hunkers down in one spot just for the zone to appear on the other side of the map.

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Epic GamesMongraal found himself constantly dodging a barrage of enemy fire because of unfortunate zones.
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During his October 3 stream, Mongraal was competing in the Solos Cash Cup when his games weren’t going so well. While his rotations, skirmishes, and mid-game tactics were on point, his late-games kept getting marred by unfortunate circle RNG.

“Are you joking me?!” Mongraal said after having to give up his fortified position because the zone went to the other side of the ravine to the west of Fatal Fields. “I never get the f***ing zone! Never!”

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His stream’s audio cut out shortly after, and his camera that usually shows his keyboard and mouse movements was tilted off its original position due to the desk slams Mongraal was letting loose.

Eventually, he stabilized his camera to its rightful position and the audio came back, when he explained how he “can’t rotate” since the 50-50 circle RNGs haven’t been going his way.

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“I’m done with it,” Mongraal said. “I can’t rotate. Like, if you don’t get 50-50, I’m the only one on the other side. I can’t do anything.”

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The game’s circle were just not on Mongraal’s side during his Solo Cash Cup matches, and in one instance he correctly predicted the consequences of getting singled out by the zone: “Now I’m going to get focused so hard on this rotation.”

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And like clockwork, as soon he grappled to the other side players took note of the gliding Mongraal, ending his game moments later.

Various instances of unfortunate circles, drops, and players swarming on him was enough to “trigger” Mongraal, but the pro has been fighting through it to stay competitive in the Solos Cash Cup.

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