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FaZe Mongraal reveals pro Fortnite tricks that “got him in FaZe Clan”

Published: 4/Sep/2019 18:25 Updated: 5/Sep/2019 1:20

by Alan Bernal


Fortnite wonder Kyle ‘Mongraal’ Jackson has some of the fastest builds and edits in the competitive scene which got the attention of famous esport org FaZe Clan.

Epic Games’ battle royale has completely transformed itself since its initial release in 2017. Both the game and its pro players have consistently upped the ante in terms of skill and tactics employed during a match.

One of the key difference makers for determining a firefight in Fortnite is the creativity from players to change up or outwit their opponents with various build methods. Speed and diversity when placing mats is crucial, and Mongraal is one of the most popular pros doing this.


Epic GamesFortnite can get explosive during fights, but Mongraal stays cool by practicing builds for every situation.

The org released a video revealing “how Mongraal got into FaZe Clan” which shows over ten minutes of break neck building from the Fortnite star.

Before loading up into an event or tournament, the 15-year-old puts himself through a rigorous practice session that covers everything from taking walls to prevent players from turtling, running while laying down mats then editing them without breaking stride, and a lot more.

Some of the more impressive techniques are his close-quarter maneuvers that he uses when boxed in with another player.

Mongraal showed how specific wall edits against a 1v1 are “always going to get your shot (off) first.”


Since the third-person point of view in Fortnite has the player’s character model naturally to the left of the reticule, editing walls that give players “a right hand peek” gives them the best edge over the competition.

For solo players taking on the world, Mongraal showed off a turtle technique for how to run diagonally while seamlessly building at an angle that would really throw off players.

The result is a winding tunnel that’s probably the safest measure to either push an enemy stronghold or lure a chasing player to catch the unaware.

While the Fortnite pro had tons of tips for players looking to improve their game, the most impressive part of the video was the speed and accuracy of Mongraal’s edits.


FaZe Clan TwitterThe FaZe Clan Fortnite star has been one of the most exciting players in the scene.

The pro practices his precision edits over and over so that he could pull them off on a dime.

Mongraal is known for his hyper-aggressive Fortnite playstyle, and coupled with his insane build techniques made his a star that FaZe Clan had to have.