FaZe Jev Enters the Matrix with Unbelievable Fortnite Play

Whether it was luck or skill, FaZe Jev dodged a bullet in a way that has to be seen to be believed.

He crouched underneath a sniper bullet that was destined for his head.

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FaZe Jev found a Llama in the middle of a field and was concerned that an enemy was watching over it. 

His fears were not unfounded, there was a sniper nearby using the Llama as bait.

However, the unbelievable timing of his crouch saw the bullet pass harmlessly by, with slow motion showing how close it was.

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Trying to replicate this yourself would most likely result in a lot of eliminations and low placings, but FaZe Jev got it right.

He would even go on to secure the elimination and hinted the incredible play was on purpose.

I actually Matrixed that guys bullet and that’s exactly why you duck!

Next time you are drinking or healing in an open field in Fortnite, it would not hurt to throw in the occasional duck and crouch.

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FaZe Jev’s unbelievable play happened while competing in the Solo Showdown playlist where top performers are picked to join the Summer Skirmish weekly tournaments.

His performance may have been below Summer Skirmish standards, so FaZe Jev decided to cast the players who eliminated him instead. Check out the full video below.