FaZe EwOk roasts Epic Games again after BRUTE mech removal in Fortnite - Dexerto

FaZe EwOk roasts Epic Games again after BRUTE mech removal in Fortnite

Published: 31/Aug/2019 13:35 Updated: 31/Aug/2019 14:05

by Joe Craven


Professional Fortnite player for FaZe Clan, Soleil ‘EwOk’ Wheeler, has roasted developers Epic Games (again), following the temporary removal of the BRUTE Mech robot from the game. 

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BRUTEs were added to Fortnite with the start of Season X, but have been a constant source of controversy. Despite their eventual nerf, many players maintain that they should be completely removed from the game. 

On August 30, Epic announced that BRUTEs had been temporarily removed due to an issue with their stomp mechanic. While we will almost certainly see them return once the issue is resolved, many fans took the opportunity to state that they should be permanently removed.


Epic GamesThe BRUTEs have been nerfed, but to some it’s still not enough.
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One prominent member of the Fortnite community who has hit out at Epic over the BRUTEs in the past is FaZe Clan’s EwOk, who became the org’s first female member back in July. She has also inspired many by being a professional player, despite being deaf. 

In response to the announcement of the BRUTEs temporary removal, EwOk responded that “Great, now Mechs isn’t (aren’t) the only one that’s disabled.” 

Fans have commended EwOk in the past for her strong criticism of Epic Games, and were quick to do so again. 

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While community complaints have certainly died down since the BRUTEs were nerfed, many people argue that they simply should not be in the game as a result of the boost they hand less-skilled players. 


EwOk previously mocked Epic by asking them to “do something I haven’t been able to do since birth. Listen.”

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She was one of many who voiced a desire for the robots to be nerfed, but shows she still has opinions on their place in Fortnite. 

EwOk continues to be an inspiration in the gaming community thanks to her impressive gaming abilities and her refusal to let a disability hold her back. We can expect to see far more of her in the near future.