FaZe Dubs breaks silence after Fortnite 30-day ban for teaming

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FaZe Clan Fortnite pro Danny ‘Dubs’ Walsh has broken his silence after being handed down a 30-day ban in Fortnite after colluding in a Solo Cash Cup. He has defended his strategies and called the decision “frustrating.”

Dubs has once again had his competitive Fortnite career put under the microscope. The FaZe Clan player has now been suspended for 30 days for colluding after an incident in May 1’s Solo Cash Cup.

Epic determined that he partnered up with ‘Waffles’ in the Solos event to take down other players who landed at their POI. After a few days of silence, Dubs has come out to confirm the suspension, and defend his actions.

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Booting up his stream with ‘Cbass’, Dubs went out to clear his name and explain the actions that led to his ban. He denies any claims that he teamed, and that the videos people posted about him and Waffles were lacking context.

He described his own strategies and how his approach to every game ⁠— scrims, public lobbies, or tournaments — for the last two months has revolved around the Rig.

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“I’ve been landing here [at the Rig] and doing this exact loot path for two months, just scrimming,” he said. “I land the same building every game, do the same loot path, same rotations, every game. I scout for Tina, get the key card, and go to the Vault.”

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He also defended the actions of Waffles. While the two are reportedly close friends and have duo’d in the Duos Cash Cup in the past, he described his strategy of hiding as “smart.”

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“Waffles never once shoots at me or tries to push me or anything,” he said. “I would honestly play it like he’s playing. I would sit and farm, and wait until the person left the vault and left it looted because I know there’s going to be extra loot. This is a strat.”

“I don’t fight off spawn unless I fight for the keycard or if someone is in my way doing something. Literally every pro knows that it’s not smart to fight off spawn.”

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He also pointed out that Waffles eventually changed his drop location once the Rig became too contested, instead dropping down more inland.

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While Dubs has accepted the ban, he was disappointed with the decision. “I’m not trying to bash Epic or anything like that, it’s just frustrating.”

Dubs’ 30-day ban is shorter than the 60-day ban handed down to Bucke, Kreo, Keys, and Slackes for their teaming offences during the FNCS Duos event.

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Dubs’ suspension will be lifted on June 3, unless Epic has a change of heart.

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