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FaZe Cloak, 72hrs and Chap criticize Fortnite World Cup qualification format

Published: 26/Mar/2019 9:24 Updated: 26/Mar/2019 9:31

by Matt Porter


Fortnite pro players, including FaZe Clan’s Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore and Team Liquid’s Ryan ‘Chap’ Chaplo and Thomas ‘72hrs’ Mulligan, have criticized the format for qualification to the $30,000,000 Fortnite World Cup.

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Epic Games officially announced how players can earn their spot at the Fortnite World Cup on Monday, March 25, breaking down the various online tournaments that players will need to perform well in to secure their place at the major event in New York City.

Players will take part in Arena Mode, a new ranked playlist being introduced in the V8.20 update to earn their spot in the Online Open, a tournament held over Saturday and Sunday, with the top players from each region earning their spot at the major tournament in New York City.


EPIC GAMESThe Fortnite World Cup will be the game’s biggest event yet.
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With qualification taking place online, Fortnite pros have voiced their displeasure at the qualification format, stating that the online events can end up being unfair, and stating that previous events had better formats.

Cloak was frustrated with the quality of player that he and long-time duo Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney faced off against, tweeting: “Online qualifiers are dumb. Tfue and I had six out of 10 lobbies with no pro players in them, yet 72hrs and Vivid played 10 with almost a full lobby of pro players in each game.”

“I feel like their missing step,” replied Mulligan. “Customs with qualifiers. But whatever, time to play some fun games.”


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Chaplo was also unimpressed with the announcement, tweeting that he felt the Fortnite Winter Royale “had an infinitely superior qualifying system.”

The Winter Royale qualifiers took place over one weekend, split into a number of sessions in which players attempted to earn points from placement and eliminations, with the top 200 players from each region securing a spot in the Finals.

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While some pro players are unhappy with the format, it’s unlikely that Epic Games will make any changes to it now that it has been officially announced.

The developers believe that this system gives everyone an equal platform to compete and seal a spot in New York City, with plenty of opportunities to qualify throughout the 10 week event.