FaZe Clan’s Tfue praises Epic Games for Fortnite vaults in V7.30 update

by Calum Patterson


The winningest Fortnite player, Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, isn’t always positive when it comes to the developer's gameplay-changing decisions, but has praised Epic Games following the V7.30 update.


Headlining the update, which dropped on January 29, were a series of weapons being ‘vaulted’, and one controversial weapon being 'unvaulted'.

Most surprising was the decision to banish the classic bolt action sniper to the vault, a weapon which has been in play since the inception of the battle royale mode.


Removing this weapon would have been more of a shock if it hadn’t been for the addition of a suppressed variant in a previous update, but it still saddened some in the community.

Tfue though, was not one of them. Reacting to the V7.30 patch notes, the popular streamer thanked Epic for the changes, the bolt action sniper particularly.

He was even more jubilant at the 'unvaulting' of the Suppressed SMG, explaining “This is fucking hype! The Suppressed SMG is so good, it’s always been so much better than the SMG [...] I don’t care what anyone says.”


Not everyone echoed Tfue’s sentiments though, far from it in fact. Much of the community mourned the loss of the bolt action, and although vaulted weapons sometimes do make a return (Suppressed SMG as case and point), they are often never to be seen again.

100 Thieves pro Archie ‘Parallax’ Shrader called the decision to vault the bolt action outright “stupid”, and other big names including FaZe Clan’s Cizzorz and Jaomock appeared equally shocked at the new weapons relegated to the vault.