FaZe Clan’s Cloak Wants to Curse less During Fortnite Streams

FaZe Clan/@Siiimplistic

Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lapore saw himself on the official Fortnite Twitch channel during the $500,000 Summer Skirmish and did not like the language he was using.

The Fortnite pro wants to make an effort to clean up his presentation for major tournaments and events going forward.

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Cloak finished second in Week 2 of the Summer Skirmish and is one of the best players in the world, so he was featured heavily on Fortnite’s stream during the tournament’s broadcast.

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, the biggest streamer on Twitch, stopped cursing on his streams in an effort to make his channel available to everyone.

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FaZe Cloak also appears to see the value in a more open stream as his channel grows.

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Not everyone is happy with Cloak’s decision to curse less, some of his fans prefer the R rated streams.

For now, Cloak will try to offer the best of both worlds by keeping his personal stream filled with the language some of his fans love, but he will not be cursing during Epic’s tournaments and events.

The popularity of Fortnite with children has caused an awkward situation for content creators that use adult language consistently in their streams and YouTube videos.

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Some parents are keeping their kids away from curse filled Twitch broadcasts, potentially the limiting the subscriber count of streamers playing the biggest game in the world.

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How do you feel about FaZe Cloak’s decision to do away with cursing during big events and tournaments?