FaZe Clan Troll Streamer ‘DrLupo’ for Being “Most Average” Friday Fortnite Player

Although not much considered among the highest echelon of Fortnite players, streamer Ben ‘DrLupo’ Lupo is one of the biggest names in the community.

Usually found playing with close friend and fellow streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, DrLupo was also part of the casting team for the recent Fortnite Pro-Am Celebrity Tournament that was held in Los Angeles during the E3 gaming convention.

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He also is a weekly participant of the Friday Fortnite competition, although he has failed to go considerably deep in any of the weeks he has played in.

Coming into the most recent Week 8 tournament held on June 29th, his average placement in the previous four weeks had been top 16, which is essentially an average finish.

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So average in fact, that FaZe Clan decided to troll him about it, essentially calling him the most average player out of the field of Friday Fortnite competitors.

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In recent weeks, FaZe have released their version of the Friday Fortnite power rankings, in which they list who they think are the top 10 players coming into that specific week.

On June 29th, they released a special version called the “Most Average Power Rankings,” with DrLupo headlining the list in first place. In fact, he was also second, third, fourth, and all the way down to 10th.

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It turns out that this list was actually made at the request of DrLupo himself, who had commented on one their previous power rankings tweets.

Yeah I’m going to need you to add another rank called “Most Average” and slap my name on it, thanks in advance.”

Whether or not he was serious, the troll was rather hilarious, considering how prominent FaZe’s presence is on social media. 

Of course, they are in a position to make these types of remarks about others without fear of backlash since their very own pro players ‘Tfue’ and ‘Cloak’ have won the competition three times, with no one else having it won more than once.