FaZe Clan announce update on Fortnite pro Cloak’s future

FaZe Clan have offered an update on the future of Fortnite star Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore amid the ongoing lawsuit with teammate Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney over a contract dispute. 

Tfue revealed on May 19 that he was suing FaZe Clan over what was described as an “oppressive” contract, with his long-term friend and teammate, Cloak, revealing his deal was similar; which resulted in him trying to end his association with the org for over six months.

The 24-year-old said on his Twitch channel that the statement released by FaZe, which indicated they were exploring options to transfer him to another team, were “completely false” and reiterated that his desire is not to join another org.

FAZE CLANTfue and Cloak both wanted out of FaZe Clan.

Cloak open admittedly that he felt that FaZe would not have been open to his departure had he qualified for the Fortnite World Cup alongside Tfue, but now it appears FaZe Clan are willing to meet his demands, stating they intend to grant Cloak ‘restricted free agency’.

Although it may appear he has finally left the org, they will still retain his player rights should he wish to join another team at a later date, rather than focus on his solo career.

Therefore, should Cloak decide to pursue a contract with another organization – potentially 100 Thieves or the org that Tfue is rumored to want to set up – they will have to negotiate with FaZe, who have the option to match, approve or reject the offer.

Whether the gamer will be able to pursue brand deals without affiliating with a team, remains to be seen, but the TwitchCon winner should reveal more details about the arrangement in the coming weeks.

YOUTUBE:TFUECloak and Tfue have been locked in negotiations with FaZe over their release.

Has Tfue left FaZe Clan? 

Cloak’s teammate Tfue remains locked in a legal battle with the organization after his lawyer revealing shocking new details of his original contract – as well as contradicting the claims of co-owner Ricky ‘Banks’ Banks that FaZe would do anything in their power to keep him on the team. 

His lawyer stated he believes Tfue will get out his deal “one way or another,” but no official announcement has been made at the time of writing.