FaZe Cizzorz’s $25,000 ‘Fun Run’ Fortnite competition – access code, how to enter, prizes & rules, and more

Cizzorz - YouTube

Popular FaZe Clan content creator Cizzorz has partnered up with the New Balance athletics company to launch his Fun Run competition in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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Known for his iconic and nearly impossible DeathRun obstacle course in Fortnite’s Creative Mode, Cizzorz has changed things up a bit with his new Fun Run course, which is part of an event he’s hosting with New Balance.

Below you can find everything there is to know about Fun Run, such as the access code, how to enter the competition, prizing, and more.

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What is Cizzorz’s Fun Run?

On April 6, Cizzorz announced the first details of Fun Run, a competition in Fortnite that will be open to the entire community from April 8-15, with the top performers receiving cash and gear.

 In addition to handing out prizes, Cizzors and New Balance will be making $25,000 in charitable donations to the Boys and Girls Club of Boston, all of which will be donated in the name of winning contestants.

As for the Fun Run obstacle course itself, you can see a general walkthrough of it in the video below, in which Cizzorz also touches on the various aspects of the competition.

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Fun Run island access code in Creative Mode

In order to partake in the competition, players will need to access the Fun Run island in Fortnite’s Creative Mode. An access code is required to access the course, which has been provided by Cizzorz and included below:


Official Fun Run rules and how to enter

The objective of the Fun Run competition is to complete the in-game obstacle course as fast as possible, without cheating of course.

To enter, players have to record their full run through the Fun Run course from start to finish and submit the footage without making any edits, speed-ups, or slow-downs.

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The footage must be uploaded to YouTube or Twitch with both #CizzorzFunRun and #RunYou included in the video title. Once uploaded, players must submit a link to the footage and their contact information in the link provided below.

Players can only make a maximum of three submissions, all of which have to be entered by April 15 at 11:59 PM.

Cizzorz Fun Run Submissions Link

FaZe ClanCizzorz’s Fun Run is both a competition and a charity event open to the entirety of the Fortnite community.

Once all of the submissions have been reviewed and verified by Cizzorz and FaZe Clan, the winners will be announced on Cizzorz’s YouTube channel on April 16.

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Fun Run prizing – cash and gear

The top 25 players in terms of time of completion will all receive a Custom Fun Run hoodie and $1,000 will be donated in their name to the Boys and Girls Club of Boston.

The top 10 players will also receive a pair of custom New Balance Colorway shoes, with the top three also receiving a cash prize on top of everything else.

  • First place – $5,500 cash prize
  • Second place – $2,500 cash prize
  • Third place – $500 cash prize
Cizzorz - YouTubeThe top 25 contestants will be guaranteed to receive this custom Fun Run hoodie and $1,000 donated in their name to the Boys and Girls Club of Boston.

All official rules and information for Cizzorz’s Fun Run charity and competition can be found on the Fun Run webpage.

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If you are planning on participating, make sure to review all of the terms and conditions before making any submissions. Good luck!

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