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Fortnite Battle Royale • Jul 26, 2019

FaZe Cizzorz and co. win $3 million Creative Finals at Fortnite World Cup - recap and final placements

FaZe Cizzorz and co. win $3 million Creative Finals at Fortnite World Cup - recap and final placements
FaZe Clan - Twitter

The first-ever Creative Finals of the Fortnite World Cup have come to an end, with FaZe Clan's Cizzorz and his Fish Fam team finishing in first place.


Day one of the Fortnite World Cup kicked off on July 26 with the Creative Finals - a $3 million competition featuring the best Creative players in the world.

There were eight teams of four players - a prominent figure from the Fortnite community as the captain, and three players who qualified via the Creative Trials that were held over the past few months leading up to the World Cup. 

Epic Games
All of the teams and players that competed in the Creative Finals at the Fortnite World Cup.

The tournament was split into four unique games, called sets, each one consisting of three individual matches. Based on their performances, teams were awarded prize money after each match, and the squad that performed the best over the three matches was awarded with a silver llama.

The final game, called Golden Games, handed out a golden llama to the best team, which had greater value than its silver counterparts. The team with the most llamas at the end of the tournament placed first overall and earned a $1 million prize. 

The four game sets for the Creative Finals.

Set 1 - Sky Station Showdown

Epic Games
Rules and format for the Sky Station Showdown.

The first game set was called Skystation Showdown, which required players to try and hold onto the capture points to earn score. 

The first team to reach 1,000 points or have the highest score when the time expired was deemed the winner.

After three matches of play, Funky Fighters earned first place, $100,000 in prize money, and the first silver llama of the Creative Finals. 

1stFunky Fighters$100,000
2ndLlama Record Co.$85,000
3rdRaven’s Revenge$75,000
4thCuddle Crew$55,000
5thLil Whip Warriors$55,000
6thFish Fam$50,000
7thSunshine Soldiers$50,000
8thChicken Champions$40,000

Set 2 - Junkyard Juke

Epic Games
Rules and format for Junkyard Juke.

The premise of Junkyard Juke was to dodge the defenders and sprint to the center of the map to score points. Each of the three matches featured four rounds of play, with two of the teams being guards and six of the teams being props. 

Chicken Champions lived up to their namesake in this game, taking first place and $130,000 in prizes, while also securing the ever-crucial silver llama.

1stChicken Champions$110,000
2ndLil Whip Warriors$110,000
3rdLlama Record Co.$95,000
4thFunky Fighters$65,000
5thCuddle Crew$40,000
6thRaven's Revenge$30,000
7thFish Fam$30,000
8thSunshine Soldiers$30,000

Set 3 - World Run

Epic Games
Rules and format for World Run.

The third set of games, called World Run, was essentially a giant race to the finish, as players had to travel through checkpoints and pick up as many coins as possible.

The team that managed to pick up all 30 coins in the least amount of time was crowned champions of the match, with three total matches played for the set. 

There was actually a tie in this set, as Fish Fam and Raven's Revenge finished neck-and-neck after the three matches, each team earning $110,000.

However, it was determined that Fish Fam would receive the coveted silver llama for this game, creating a three-way tie going into set four. 

1stFish Fam$130,000
2ndRaven's Revenge$80,000
3rdSunshine Soldiers$75,000
4thFunky Fighters$65,000
5thCuddle Crew$5,000
6thLlama Record Co.$40,000
7thLil Whip Warriors$40,000
8thChicken Champions$30,000

Set 4 - Golden Games

Golden Games, the fourth and final set of the Creative Finals, was a bit more important than the other three because it awarded a golden llama to the best team, which had more value than the silver llamas given out during the previous three sets. 

Each match was modeled after the other three sets, but with a twist, as a certain aspect of the rules or format were altered to throw the players into a loop. 

As expected, the matches were all an intense affair, and it was Fish Fam who managed to come out on top after the three rounds, earning back-to-back sets and the golden llama. 

PlacementTeamPrize Money
1stFish Fam$110,000
2ndFunky Fighters$95,000
3rdRaven’s Revenge$80,000
4thLil Whip Warriors$65,000
5thSunshine Soldiers$50,000
6thChicken Champions$40,000
7thCuddle Crew$40,000
8thLlama Record Co.$30,000

Final placements for Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals

With all four sets of games completed and the scores tallied up, here are the final placements for the first ever Creative Finals at the Fortnite World Cup, along with the prize money that each team got to take home. 

Epic Games
Final placements and prize split for Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals.

Remember, this is only the first half of day one of the proceedings, and is followed by the Celebrity Pro-Am, which you can watch live by visiting our dedicated Fortnite World Cup viewing hub.

The Duos and Solos finals, which will have a collective prize pool of $30 million, will be played on July 27 and 28 respectively. 

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