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Fortnite Battle Royale • Oct 24, 2018

FaZe Cizzorz gets killed in Fortnite because of his delivery driver

FaZe Cizzorz gets killed in Fortnite because of his delivery driver

Most people have had a moment where they ordered food and queued up one game too many, leaving a delivery driver standing outside and the player desperately searching for a point where it is safe to get away.


FaZe 'Cizzorz' took that moment to the next level when a delivery came for him as he was fighting one of the last two people in Fortnite.

Showcasing his true dedication, he told the driver to leave the food outside by his garage door.


The driver seemed cool with the arrangement, and the phone call was just ending when disaster struck:

Cizzorz may have been more aware and checked the ceiling for a trap had he not been on the phone with the delivery driver, but that was some solid trap placement by his opponent.

The delivery driver must have been wondering what he was doing to leave the food outside in someone's driveway. 


When Cizzorz got back to his computer food-in-hand, he did find a bright spot as apparently his local Chipotle struggles with the ‘lettuce’ part of his burrito bowl order.

Just look how happy he was they finally got his order right:

They did, however, forget a fork. So he may have had to eat the whole burrito bowl like that.

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