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Fortnite: Fastest way to complete ‘Visit three Pirate Camps in a single match’ challenge

Published: 11/Apr/2019 11:53 Updated: 11/Apr/2019 13:45

by Matt Porter


Fortnite’s Season 8 Week 7 challenges require players to traverse across the map and head to a number of different locations, including three Pirate Camps that must be visited in a singled match. If you’re trying to complete this challenge as quickly as possible, here’s a guide to hit all three.

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The new set of weekly challenges come on the back of the Fortnite V8.30 update, which finally added the new Respawn Van, alongside a number of technical changes that aim to improve the quality of the game for players.

Anyone who completes the Fortnite Season 8 Week 7 challenges will receive a special loading screen to help complete the Discovery challenges, but players must finish the seven weekly challenges first – including this one that sees players visit three Pirate Camps in a single match.


Fortnite fans will have to visit three Pirate Camps in one match.
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Where are the Pirate Camps in Fortnite?

Pirate Camps were introduced to Fortnite at the start of Season 8, as part of the theme for the season which heavily involves Pirates. Alongside the camps, a new named location was also added, as Lazy Lagoon in the north of the island is home to a massive pirate ship.

There seven total Pirate Camps situated on the Fortnite map. The majority of them are in the north of the map, but there are a couple down towards Fatal Fields and Paradise Palms as well. You can view a map of all the Pirate Camps below.

A map showing all seven Fortnite Pirate Camps.
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What is the fastest way to complete this challenge?

This challenge must be completed in a single match, so time is of the essence, as you will want to hit all three before they move out of the circle, or before you get eliminated by enemies.


There are a number of different ways to complete this challenge, but gauging the distance and terrain between each camp is important, so we’ve come up with what we believe is the quickest route to hitting all three Pirate Camps in one match.

Here is the quickest route to hitting all three Pirate Camps.

Starting at the Pirate Camp closest to Polar Peak, cut through Tilted Towers towards Loot Lake, and once you’ve hit the one sitting on the hill, it’s a straight line to the third and final outpost.

Step-by-step guide to completing the ‘Visit three pirate camps in a single match’ challenge.

  1. Visit the Pirate Camp north of Polar Peak
  2. Cut across Tilted Towers, around the bottom of Loot Lake towards the second Pirate Camp.
  3. Head directly south toward Fatal Fields and visit the third and final Pirate Camp. 

The use of vehicles will also speed this challenge, but if those are not available, players can run from all three of these points in just over three-and-a-half minutes.