FaZe Clan’s Tfue killed by hacker in Fortnite’s Pop-Up Cup

FaZe pro Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney had one of his Fortnite Pop-Up Cup games ruined by a player using an ‘aimbot’, eliminating him from extreme distance without missing a shot.

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The Pop-Up Cup was introduced to Fortnite by Epic Games as a place to test experimental ideas which can limit players health and materials but in a competitive atmosphere. However, for Tfue, there wasn’t much competitive about this clip. 

The Fortnite professional, who is one of the most successful players in the Battle Royale game, was not happy with part of his recent online Pop-Up Cup experience and you really can’t blame him given the circumstances.

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FaZe ClanTfue is one of the most successful pro Fortnite players ever.
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It’s not the first time either, as Tfue was also taken out by a hacker in Fortnite’s Winter Royale back in November.

Playing in the Duo Pop-Up Cup alongside Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore, the pair found themselves in trouble from the circle and used a Rift to escape from Frosty Flights. While he was gliding back in from the rift, Tfue was beamed by a waiting player below and knocked out of the game.

His FaZe Clan partner fell to the same fate as they were taken out by an extremely accurate rifler who, shockingly, didn’t seem to miss many – if any – shots from distance.

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While Tfue did not make any accusations about the player being a possible hacker on stream, he took his frustrations to Twitter. 

The Fortnite professional player tweeted “Aimbot-Up Cup,” clearly still angered by what had happened to him and his duo partner in their game.

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Cheating and hacking has become somewhat of an epidemic in the Battle Royale game. Uber popular streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins caught another hacker during his stream on December 15. 

The former Halo professional quickly reported the apparent cheat when they gained a kill that Ninja’s viewers were unable to see.

Ninja has also called upon Epic Games to find a solution for Fortnite’s many stream snipers, stating that if anyone can find an answer to the problem “It’s Epic.”

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