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FaZe Clan Fortnite pros Cloak and Tfue set to move to improve Fall Skirmish chances

Published: 18/Sep/2018 16:20 Updated: 18/Sep/2018 16:23

by Calum Patterson


Professional Fortnite players Dennis “Cloak” Lepore and Turner “Tfue” Tenney have revealed plans to move back to the east coast of the US, in hopes of improving their chances in the upcoming Fall Skirmish.

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The pair recently moved out to California to join some of the FaZe Clan organization in their LA team house, but it looks like it is not best environment for competitive Fortnite.

As Cloak explained in a recent livestream, the internet service provider in their LA location isn’t ideal, coupled with higher ping on the west coast servers, can mean a frustrating online gaming experience.


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So, with the $10 million Fall Skirmish starting soon and lasting six weeks, the duo are moving back to the east coast for the duration of the event, to give them the best possible chances.

“We’re moving back, we’re heading out for the six weeks unfortunately” Cloak says, referring to both he and Tfue. “It’s beautiful out here, but the internet sucks, the Fortnite servers are going to make you rage. Fortnite servers are terrible on west, like I’ve never experienced servers that are so bad.”

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What this means for other Fortnite pro’s living on the west coast is unclear, but perhaps we could see an influx of temporary moves for some of the hopefuls who can manage it.


The majority of Team SoloMid’s roster for example, all live and practice on the west coast, and if there is a real discernible advantage to playing on the east coast, the $10 million in prize money would certainly make it worth it.

The Fall Skirmish will start this coming weekend, September 21, lasting six weeks and concluding at Twitch Con on October 26 – 28, just like the Summer Skirmish had its finale at the PAX West convention.