New Explosive Bow weapon coming to Fortnite

With the item shop update on March 31 in Fortnite came an update to the ‘Coming Soon’ news section that revealed the Explosive Bow is on the way.

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Fortnite has released a very controversial update with v8.20 and it is looking for ways to win back the support of fans.

This will start with the Explosive Bow, which is presumably coming with the next update. The Explosive Bow was leaked prior to the announcement so this isn’t catching players totally by surprise.

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The Explosive Bow is coming soon to Fortnite.

Fortnite has tried introducing a bow in the past with the Crossbow but that weapon was almost completely useless and it ended up being vaulted.

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The weapon was unvaulted for Valentine’s Day in 2019 but outside of that, we haven’t seen a bow weapon in Fortnite since then. The Explosive Bow has a chance to be an RPG in bow form.

In the news section of Fortnite, it says “Archery can be a blast!” which might indicate the bow could be used to destroy structures and players alike.

FortTory, a well-known leaker in the Fortnite community, has revealed the animations and sounds for the upcoming bow. As mentioned before, these were already things people knew about but now FortTory has combined the things, giving players a better idea of what to expect.

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The next update will probably be coming with just new items as part of a content update. For those hoping for Epic Games to revert the patch, that will have to wait until the next main patch, but even then it probably won’t be happening.

Fortnite’s v8.20 patch has been highly controversial as it removed health per kill in regular lobbies and introduced a ranked mode that features long queue times but does have the health and shield per elimination.

It remains to be seen what will be done about the disgruntled playerbase going forward.

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