Explorer Pop-Up Cup disabled in Fortnite due to material bug [UPDATED]

Epic Games

Update, Dec 8, 3:33pm EST: Explorer Pop-Up Cup has now been re-enabled. All scores from December 8 will be removed due to the lack of availability.

Epic Games have disabled the Explorer Pop-Up Cup playlist in Fortnite, as they attempt to address an issue regarding materials not being held properly by players.

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The Pop-Up cup mode got some adjustments made for Season 7, rewarding players with building resources, as well as health/shield for each kill they get – incentivizing players to go for more kills.

The resource gathering rate was also increased by 40 percent and Supply Drops were increased for later in the game too.

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However, players reported issues surrounding the materials, where they were limited to only one single resource – effectively preventing building altogether, as players joked they were now playing PUBG, rather than Fortnite.

It seemed to be a more frequent problem on OCE and Asian servers, although players globally were reporting the bug, with players have a material cap of 1, rather than 700/500/300 as intended.

Due to the severity of the problem, the Explorer Pop-Up Cup has been disabled temporarily as an investigation is completed and a fix is rolled out.

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Presumably it will be a straightforward repair, and considering the Pop-Up Cup is a limited time mode, Epic will know that it is crucial it is fixed as soon as possible.

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The Pop-Up Cup settings are the same as those used in the Winter Royale, and so are also the best practice for players challenging in the finals of the $1 million open tournament.

We will update this story as Epic Games provides more information on the issue, and when Pop-Up Cup is re-enabled.