Everything You Need to Know About the Brand New Shield Mushrooms in Fortnite - Details, Pictures, and Video

by Albert Petrosyan


A brand new shield item has been added to Fortnite: Battle Royale as part of the recent v4.3 update that went live early on May 30th.

The new foraged Mushrooms have now joined the list of shield-increasing iteams that currently includes the Mini and Regular Shield Potions, Slurp Juice, and Chug Jug.


Here are the details about the new item, as per the v4.3 update patch notes:

Added new foraged item: Mushrooms

  • Mushrooms will grant 5 shield (up to 100).
  • Can be found around shady wooded or swampy areas.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the new Mushrooms is that they grant shield up to 100, which means they can be taken as a supplement to the Mini Shield Potions, which grant shield up to only 50.

Source: @Owen29988389


Unlike the other shield-increasing items, the Mushrooms cannot be stacked or saved in the inventory, meaning that they can only be consumed when found throughout the map.

However, they can provide a small and quick shield boost in case of emergency, and can end up making the difference in a crucial gunfight or surviving the occasional surprise trap.


A video published by the YouTube channel 'Hidden Masters' provides a good look at the new shield Mushrooms and where they can most easily be found on the map in Fortnite.