Every location where you can visit Giant Candy Canes in Fortnite | 14 Days of Fortnite - Day 2 Challenge guide and map

by Albert Petrosyan


Day two of the 14 Days of Fortnite holiday even went live on December 20 and brought with it a new daily challenge for players to complete.


The second daily challenge requires players to visit the new Giant Candy Canes that have been added as decorative items at various places on the Fortnite map.

While these Candy Canes do not offer anything more other than an added sense of festivity, their purpose has now been revealed to be part of the 14 Days of Fortnite challenges. 


This challenge is pretty straightforward but is not as easy as the first day's challenge, because players need to visit two of the Giant Candy Canes and they're not as easy to find as one may think.

However, we have come across a map that may help you in your endeavor, as the Giant Candy Canes can be found in the general proximity of the red circles marked on the map below.


In order to better help you locate the Candy Canes, here is a video guide to how to best complete the challenge, courtesy of YouTuber 'VideoGameSherpa.'

Upon completion, players will receive the brand new 'Wistful Winter Launcher' loading screen, which is exclusively available by completing this specific challenge.

While the loading screen doesn't offer much more than just being what it is, it could eventually become a rarity, as players who do not complete the challenge now may never get another chance at acquiring it.

With yet another 12 days to go for this 14 Days of Fortnite holiday event, there will be a lot more themed challenges in store for players to complete.

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