ESPN Tweets Out Video of an Insane Basketball Shot Hit in Fortnite – “From the Parking Lot!”

@joshmcquillan_ / ESPN

The beauty of Fortnite’s Playground Limited Time Mode is that it affords players the time and space to do pull of some incredible stunts.

A player who goes by ‘joshmcquillan_’ on Instagram has taken advantage of the LTM’s low-pressure environment to hit an amazing trick shot using the basketball emote in-game.

Here is the video posted by the player on his Instagram account, along with the caption “Haters will say it was planned.”

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The entire sequence took about 30 second, from the moment the basketball left the character’s hand to the bright flash of it falling through the hoop.

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It’s quite obvious that a lot of planning and calculating went in to make this clip; the structures were built with meticulous planning and close attention to detail.

The shot was so spectacular in fact, that even ESPN posted it on their official Twitter page, calling it “From the parking lot!”

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Ever since the basketball emote was added in Fortnite as a Season 5 Battle Pass exclusive item, players have been active in their efforts to pull of some crazy tricks shots, with this likely being the most incredible of them all.

With neither the sporting emotes nor the Playground LTM likely to go away soon, the Fortnite community can expect more efforts like these, especially if they are being given attention from the likes of ESPN.

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