Who is the Daywalker? Fortnite teases Blade as next Marvel hero to join crossover - Dexerto

Epic teases Blade as next Marvel hero to join Fortnite crossover

Published: 23/Sep/2020 8:12 Updated: 23/Sep/2020 8:25

by Isaac McIntyre


Marvel vampire superhero Blade looks set to be the next character to join the huge Fortnite crossover event in patch v14.20, after Epic teased his Season 4 debut with a hidden “Daywalker” reference in their unofficial patch notes.

Fortnite has been piling Marvel heroes into the battle royale since the beginning of Season 4, as part of one of video game’s biggest crossovers to date. Iron Man, Black Panther, She-Hulk, and more have already made their Fortnite debuts.

It looks like half-human, half-vampire Marvel superhero Blade may be next now too, with Epic dropping a secret message in update v14.20’s unofficial patch notes, sent to Fortnite content creators, journalists, and dataminers.


The secret code, marked out with bold red lettering in the otherwise white-fonted Fortnite patch list, spells out a single hidden word: “Daywalker.”

Who is the ‘Daywalker’ teased in Fortnite?

For anyone playing at home, that’s the nickname given to Frank Blade by other vampires, due to the fact his half-human side means the hero can walk in the sunlight without burning alive.

Now, Blade isn’t one of the biggest Marvel heroes in the comic book roster, partially because his last movie, ‘Blade: Trinity,’ was released in 2004. That means he’s missed the entire hype of the MCU franchise and the modern era of Marvel Comics.


That doesn’t mean Blade is a nobody hero, however. He’s regularly had standalone series in print, and teamed up with the Avengers in the “The War of the Realms” crossover last year. He was also ranked 63rd in IGN’s comic character list.

Blade should be the next Marvel hero to join the Fortnite event in Season 4.
Marvel Comics
Blade should be the next Marvel hero to join the Fortnite event in Season 4.

When will Blade officially join Fortnite?

Outside of the new Fortnite v14.20 hint, Epic hasn’t actually revealed any details on when the newest Marvel debutant will be joining the battle royale event.

Blade fans can expect to see their favorite half-human, half-vampire hero arrive sometime in the next week, however; there should be a short wave of teasers, before Blade becomes available in the Fortnite shop early next week.


Dexerto expects Blade to be priced similarly to other Marvel skins if added to the shop in v14.20. He could also be added to the battle pass.

Mahershala Ali will bring Blade to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the hero's Phase 5 solo film.
Marvel Studios
Mahershala Ali will bring Blade to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the hero’s Phase 5 solo film.

Outside of his upcoming Fortnite debut, Blade is also set to finally join the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the long-standing franchise’s fifth phase.

Mahershala Ali has been cast as the half-vampire hero in the series reboot. Ali originally set up the film’s revival, and called Kevin Feige to get production rolling: “When Mahershala calls, you answer,” the MCU helmsman joked of the casting.