Epic responds to amusing Fortnite jetpack glitch while hiding

by Brad Norton
Epic Games


Hiding with a jetpack equipped has led to a bizarre issue in Fortnite, with Epic Games confirming that the mix of features is certainly not working as intended.

Jetpacks are a limited-time Legendary item in Fortnite that allows players to soar through the skies, quickly retake high ground, and get the jump on their opponents.

If you’re being hunted down however, hiding can often be a great way to steer clear of enemies and get your breath back. Amusingly, the Legendary item doesn’t mix all too well with the hiding mechanic however, leading developers at Epic Games to respond and issue a comment on the state of the ridiculous issue in-game.

Fortnite characters flying through the sky
Epic Games
Jetpacks are currently available in the limited-time close quarters mode.


Once players are tightly secured in any given hiding spot on the map, a hilarious glitch can occur that sends them sky-high thanks to the jetpack item.

Triggering its boosting effects while in the hiding spot shouldn’t really have any effect on paper. In practice though, the interaction leads to all sorts of unforeseen issues.

Reddit user 'DrGetSomeStrange' shared one such interaction while hiding in a portable toilet. After activating the jetpack, his camera angle shot into the sky opposed to just staying put. 

Rising through the sky as though the character model was in the center of the screen the entire time, players are able to soar until they can see the entire map in-full view.

Eventually reaching the apex, their character magically appeared and began plummeting back down to the land below.


The silver lining of this particular instance is that thankfully the jetpack item had enough charge left to slow the player’s fall and avoid a hilarious death.

Responding to the issue at hand, an Epic Games community coordinator outlined how the problem is “currently on [their] scope and is being investigated” by the development team.

There’s no quite telling how soon Epic will be able to get on top of the awkward interaction and patch out the evident bug, so for the time being, perhaps try to avoid hiding with a jetpack at all costs.


While jetpacks can be quite the rare find in Fortnite, if you happen to spot an enemy with one attached to their back, at least you’ll know in advance to aim sky-high if they attempt to hide.

Not the only high-flying bug of late, Snowmen also launched players into space throughout the Christmas-themed event.