Epic Games remove Calamity’s boob jiggle physics on Fortnite

Mike Kent

Epic Games have removed the jiggling boob animation that featured as part of the new Calamity skin for Fortnite’s Season 6 Battle Pass.

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Epic Games dropped Update V6.0 on September 27, with a host of map changes, challenges and everything in between.

Calamity is the main skin of Season 6, and can be levelled up to a menacing looking dark trench coat outfit complete with cowboy hat.

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However the first version of Calamity features a white vest top, and players were quick to find out that when used with the Jubilation emote, her boobs wobbled.

It first came to the general public’s attention when FaZe Clan content creator Agony Tweeted that it was the most important part of the update.

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PC Gamer followed up with Epic Games to find out about its inclusion, and they responded to say that it was “embarrassing and unintended” and they will be “working on a fix as soon as soon as possible”.

Just hours later, and it has been confirmed as patched, with streamer KittyPlays sounding off her disappointment.