Epic Games tease release of Dark Bomber skin in Fortnite

All signs are pointing to the imminent release of the highly-anticipated Dark Bomber skin in Fortnite’s daily Item Shop on October 4. 

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First teased in one of the loading screens of Fortnite Season 5’s Battle Pass, Dark Bomber is a skin that fans have been waiting on for over a month.

Dark Bomber is a doppelganger to the Bright Bomber skin that was introduced to the game back in January and will seemingly have a strange connection to ‘Kevin,’ the glowing cube that had plagued Fortnite for the last few weeks.

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No details were given when that loading screen was first unlocked in September, but Epic offered the clearest hint at the skin’s release with a single tweet Thursday afternoon.

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Surely, the lightning and clouds, in juxtaposition with the sunshine and rainbows, is referring to the long-hyped skin. 

As expected, the comments section of the tweet is full of exciting Fortnite players, which means that Epic stand to make a lot of money through the release of the skin. 

It is also expected that the skin will launch with a matching ‘Thunder Crash’ pickaxe and ‘Dark Glyph’ glider, as detailed by leaks found in the V6.01 patch earlier this week.

The shop will update at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET and we can’t wait to hopefully get our hands on the skin.

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