Epic Games post surprising reaction to Fortnite players not taking damage in lava

by David Purcell


Fortnite players have found a bug which allows them to walk right over lava without taking any damage, and Epic Games have been quick to issue a response. 


The developers, who made a whole host of map changes at the beginning of Season 8 on February 28, decided to add a brand new volcano point of interest near the old Wailing Woods site - featuring pools of what's supposed to be deadly molten lava. 

However, another piece of new content added in the v8.00 patch can be used to walk across it like it's an ordinary floor and it clearly shouldn't be. 


Epic Games
Epic Games
Fortnite's volcano is supposed to be a risky location because of deadly lava.

The Conga emote, which some streamers have been using to escape the storm in the new season, allows players to dance and move at the same time - like no other animation in the game. 

Another one of its unique abilities is that players can activate it and dance right across lava, according to footage posted to the Fortnite BR subreddit by PattyGamer05 - as seen below. 

Conga plus lava what could happen? from r/FortNiteBR


After the bug started to rise in popularity on Reddit and more people started to notice the clip, so too did Epic's Community Coordinator Sean Hamilton - who goes by the online name of MrPopoTFS. 

"While your dance moves are fire, stepping on lava should definitely still be causing damage," Hamilton posted to the subreddit. "I've sent this off to our QA team for investigation.



Whether or not a fix is on the way for this issue remains to be seen, but it's not the only strange bug fans have found since Season 8 begun. In fact, some players have been instantly eliminated just by landing at some locations in Fortnite. 

While some fans will be hoping for a fix for some issues, there's no doubt that others will enjoy dancing across the lava. Watch out for other players, though! You can't use your weapon at the same time as the emote.